Frequently asked questions about EBDA

What is EBDA Program?

EBDA is a 4-month capacity building founded by Al Rud’ha and sponsored by BP Oman. The program provides micro investment, a co-working space and a 14-week training/mentoring program.

What type of Companies are you looking for?

Early stage startup (MPV stage) where companies should have a developed or a semi developed product/service.

How much funding will the companies receive from the micro investment event?

Investments are dependent on your company’s ability to persuade the investors, funding can be in the following forms:

  • Cash
  • Loan
  • Incubation
  • Convertible notes

In exchange of shares or privileges or other deals.

The startups are encouraged to try and pitch their own deals to investors during the Hub’ta and be very specific to what kind of investment are they looking for.

How do we apply for the program?

Click here to fill out the application form. The team will be processing the applications and we will get back to you:

  • If your startup is out of our scope, we will decline it.

What are the benefits for startups?

Mentorship: mentors, who are experienced startup founders and business men and women, will be involved to help the startups to develop their strategies.

Learning Sessions: different sessions on building a lean startup, managing your resources, connecting to your early adopters and legal documenting to prepare you for investment, etc.

Along with other facilities and resources.

Do I have to be in EBDA Program location for the entire period?

Yes. It is required from accepted startups to be primarily based on site during the whole period of the program.

What else does EBDA Program provide?

We provide free co-working spaces that are connected to a wireless internet network with basic utilities and a direct link to mentors, experts and government entities. We just want you to focus on creating a sustainable company.

How can we get funded after EBDA Program finishes?

During the last month of the program we will introduce you and walk you through all the possible funding opportunities from both the private and public sector.

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • Best team & product status
  • Responses of the online application

Is this program only for INJAZ graduates? Is it a factor in the selection process?

No it is not only for INJAZ graduates but it will be an added factor for the selection process.

Do I need to have a full business plan?

No, you don’t. However, you are required to fill the online application form.

Do you sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)?

No, as we are exposed to a vast amount of ideas and startups through such programs it will be impossible for us to do so.

What are the sessions timings?

Sessions will be from 6 PM - 8 PM

Do you have to have a CR ?

No it's not required.

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