Nismaa Minkoom

Nismaa Minkoom which means "We hear you" were a series of events co-created with the National Youth Commission in The sultanate. The aim of these sessions was to bridge the gap between the governmental youth organization Nat.YC and the public by sharing ideas, thoughts and look to create projects together.

The series had 5 rounds through the year 2016 and was successfully ended with the Nat.YC sponsoring the participation of many innovations in Al Rud'ha's micro investment event Hub'ta.

AlAmah Talks

Alamah Marketing is a marketing organization concerned with the industry of visual identity, web design, and social media services. The Mark holds periodic discussion sessions under the name of

"AlAlamah Talks" in which some topics related to marketing, digital media, and public relations are discussed and discussed, where specialized personalities are hosted in these fields and the public is allowed to attend these sessions.

Hub'ta Event

Organized by the AlRudha to enable start-up entrepreneurs or thinkers to collaborate with individuals/investors from the leading position to conduct cash transactions that enable the entrepreneur/idea to develop and grow its business in the founding stages.

How to develop

your YouTube Channel

Hosting Paul Colligan to showcase his YouTube experience, in the theme of developing personal and institutional channels on the YouTube platform was discussed. This platform is of great importance on all other platforms to deliver messages and ideas that we all want to communicate to the public

Khalid Al Ameri

The Emiratie "Khalid Al Ameri" is one of the most prominent speakers and lecturers in the Gulf region. Where we hosted him in Al Rud'ha to present an episode titled "Leading your life" which brought together a large number of Omani youth.

Knowledge Oman

Knowledge Oman is a pioneering community initiative that serves the nation in the field of social innovation. K.O is developing a positive and vital knowledge to empower and support the social entrepreneurship in the Sultanate and to promote the dissemination of knowledge at home. Knowledge Oman is also a regular event .creator in  AlRudha


On their crazy visit to the Sultanate, we hosted the two young Bahrainis Omar and Khaled, who shared their experience in their "Nt'hada" series which is arabic for "I Challenge you". Each time they visit a country, they document it in a short youtube film that captures their story in that country, with all its details and stations. It was an opportunity for the Omani public to benefit from the experience of Omar and Khaled in travel and adventure and how to benefit from it.


A step initiative aimed at supporting women in the Sultanate and motivating them to work in the private sector, a joint cooperation between the Dutch Embassy in the Sultanate and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The initiative was organized in the lobby. Where she was accompanied by a competition for participating women and was chosen as a winner who won a trip to the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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